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How to reach player?
PM: this one
AIM: ohliamylia
email: liaparisi@gmail.com

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: go for it
Threadhopping with this character: ask first
Fourthwalling: sure try it
Canon puncture: greg will shake it off, ah ah ah
Offensive subjects: for me, none, for greg, none

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: everyone has cooties
Hugging this character: he's squishy and lovable
Flirting with this character: uhhhhhhhhh
Giving this character a kiss: in the t-zone, cheeks and forehead
Something more intimate: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Relationships: he'll be your best friend
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: don't
Fighting with this character: he will hit you with things
Injuring this character: booboos only
Killing this character: do not
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: what are you gonna gain really
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The Player
Name/nickname: Lia
Age: 25
Pronouns: whatever man
Contact: liaparisi@gmail.com, AIM: ohliamylia
Experience: i've done a lot god knows i've tried
Currently played characters: Ianto, Croach???

The Character
DW account: burgleurturts
Name: Gregory nolastnameandidon'tplanongivinghimone
Alias: He goes primarily by Greg.
Age/Birthdate: I'm gonna say seven.
Species: Human
Canon: Over the Garden Wall
Canon point: somewhere between the end of episode 8 and the beginning of episode 10, after he went with the Beast
Played By: n/a


Greg has zero special skills due to his age. I don't even know if he can color inside the lines. He does, however, have this almost supernatural adorableness to him. I think I'd like to have the Rift reinforce that some so he'll just be really likable. That doesn't mean you have to like him, just that it's super easy to. That will probably extend to bears and squirrels and just about anything he encounters. Flowers. Stuff. People just tend to be nice to him.

Greg is a short, young boy from modern times with messy brown hair that's the length of like... his forehead, I guess. I'm gonna say his eye color is brown. Maybe 3'10". No higher than four feet. He's a little chubs. It's baby fat. He'll come through the rift wearing what he wears in the show, which is a white shirt, green overalls, some adorable little bolo tie, and some kind of metal kettle on his head. This is his Halloween costume (he's an elephant). It's hard to say how much of the clothing is his and how much is the costume. I'm gonna say just the kettle is the costume and his mom dresses him like a quaint turn-of-the-century German child just because. He will probably change out of them at some point. He's... all over the place. That's how he'll appear. All over the place.

Boy, Greg. Greg is a follower. He goes along with stuff. He doesn't question things. Partly because he's dumb and partly because he's pretty young. That doesn't mean he's not adventurous, though. If you put him in a room, he will explore every inch of it. He will get into things he is not supposed to get into. He will probably get out of it, but stay in the general vicinity of it, because he's a kid, and sticks with people. He's enthusiastic about everything. A little literal-minded, probably because he just hasn't matured to fully understand humor and sarcasm and lies and when people say things and change their mind. He seizes on things regardless of misunderstandings. His strengths are his utter adorableness and I would say his earnestness. He's friendly and nice and helpful to just about everyone. He's hard not to like, and that works in his favor a whole lot. He's also very imaginative, which both gets him into trouble and out of it. He's not really frightened by much, or... anything? I mean, if you attack him, he'll scream and run, but like... he's usually too excited about things to be scared of them. He's very inventive and creative. He makes up songs and names for things often. After constantly being told by his other brother that he should be more responsible, Greg is starting to learn that a little more. His motivations are a little hard to discern because throughout the show he mostly just goes along with Wirt. Not much drives him but a childish desire for fun and adventure. Which is pretty typical for kids. He's getting better at grasping the seriousness of dangerous situations, though, after encountering so many of them over the garden wall.

Tough to say. Literally all we have of Greg's backstory is that his mother gave birth to Wirt, divorced Wirt's dad, remarried, and had Greg. That's all we know about him prior to the show. And then in the show he just spends a lot of time doing his fun and adventure thing and getting them into/out of trouble. I don't think much bad ever happened to him previous to the show. The biggest moment of character development we get to see is where I'm taking him from, at the end of episode 8/the beginning of episode 10 (episode 9 is a flashback). He and Wirt have spent 8 episodes trying to return home from the strange place they're in with no luck. Wirt has given up hope. In a dream, Greg is shown that Wirt has begun to be taken by the Beast (the big bad) and will be stuck there forever. After being told repeatedly that he should take responsibility for the problems they've had, Greg does, and his wish to switch places with Wirt is granted. Greg is taken away by the Beast and Wirt is, presumably, free to return home. This is the first time in his show and probably his entire life that he thinks about the consequences of his actions and really thinks about someone's happiness other than his own. He doesn't really think that all through because he's a kid, but hey, he tried. I think this self-sacrifice might make Greg a little more serious (but not too much).

Writing Sample:

The sun drops with almost immeasurable slowness into Greg’s teacup. He rests his chin on the tree stump and holds up one thumb and closes one eye and watches the big yellow ball roll down the side of his finger. He remembers the time a girl at school told him that thumbs aren’t really fingers. “That’s a rock fact.” His breath, clear as the air, puffs away the snow that’s fallen in front of his mouth. The snowflakes are undisturbed? By the sound. It’ll be night soon, and Greg made his wish the night before; Wirt must have found his way home by now. He’s smart like that.

The trees far away eat up the sun before it can land in the cup, swallowing it in their needles and branches, but Greg is too tired, and the light breaking through the trunks is too pretty. Just as the last little slivers disappear, a green light flashes, like when he makes Wirt photograph him and his findings with that camera that spits out pictures, except this flash is growing and growing, filling the sky and the forest and his cup. It resolves into the shape of a kitten, then a cat, then a big cat, bounding closer and faster. It leaps into the air and strikes its head against the tree stump, shattering it and the cup and the branches that Greg hadn't noticed were hugging him. It stops in front of him, shaking the leaves and snow from its fur.

"Oh, Gregory," the fearsome critter says, like his father when Greg tells him about the adventures he's had and the new friends he's made.

"Hi, kitty," Greg greets, quiet and awed and droopy-eyed.

The cat circles him three times, taller than Greg where he sits. "You don't belong here, Gregory." It wraps itself around him, soft and warm. "You'll have much more fun with me."

"Okay," Greg sighs, and falls asleep.

When he opens his eyes again, it's daytime, and the soft warmth surrounding him is much bigger and softer and warmer than before. Greg takes a big breath of the fur under his nose and sneezes. The big soft warmth rumbles. Greg pokes it, then pushes his fists into it.

"Punch, punch, punch."

With a mighty yawn, which Greg follows with one of his own, the fur parts to reveal the sky, and some rocks, and some water. Greg squints up at the sun and stretches.

"Boy, am I pooped."

A white face and a black nose descend on him, snuffling at his face, and his clothes, and then his stomach. Greg laughs, batting at the animal's snout.

"Haha! Hey! Hahaha!"

The creature whumpfs and nudges him with its nose, batting back with its big paws. Greg tickles it under its chin and on its cheeks.

"I'm gonna call you Antonio," Greg decides, as he's rolled back and forth by the curious creature. "You're real fuzzy, Antonio."

There's another flash, but not green, this time, and raises his head to look at it. Over past the rocks there's a big crowd of people waving at him and taking pictures. Delighted, Greg waves back.

The Game
How did you find out about Big Applesauce?
a divining rod

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
I want Greg to be friends with EVERYONE jesus there is so much for him to explore and this game really needs someone who isn't cynical and jaded

Anything else?
i'm here to drink milk and burgle your turts


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